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25 thoughts on “The Best Footage of Portugal in World Cup 2006

  1. this is the stupidest video ive ever seen. you made a video showing all of portugals bad moments in that game yet they still beat you… maybe you make a video of your own countrys mistakes like going 0-3 in the group stage of this years euro… fucking pussy

  2. im from holland but portugal is one of my favorite teams ever! when holland was beaten i hoped that portugal win the cup

  3. I was laughing , that shows how portuguese are not to be fucked with. I was laughing PORTUGAL U ROCK.

  4. C.Ronaldo(Real Madrid),Simao(Atletico de Madrid),Nani(Manchester United),Quaresma(Inter de Milan),Deco(Chelsea),R.Carvalho(Chelsea),Bosingwa(Chelsea),Pepe(Real Madrid),Bruno Alves(Fc Porto),Raul Meireles(Fc Porto),Tiago(Juventus).Portugal has a great team!!!

  5. este jogo ,se nos dessemos + ,tava ganho .akele cabeciamento do figo a trave…ao menos o empate

  6. in 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck

  7. sorry but this video is crap, i dont even gonna mention the song choice pure crap

  8. Is this the best footage? There is a lot more (and better) footage of Portugal in WC ´06. This video isn’t really enjoyable.

  9. amo Portugal !

    Portugal Para sempre!

    Yes, Portugal are having some VERY UNLUCKY TIMES IN QUALIFYING.. BUT COME ON.. WE SHOOT LIKE 40 TIMES AND DON’T SCORE.. IT’S UNLUCKY.. Plus.. any English fans should just leave this video and don’t bother commenting because you guys get beaten by us all the time.. Fun little fact.. England hasnt beaten Portugal in 15 years..

  10. VIVA PORTUGAL—>assim mesmo até os comemos vivos e tudo…somos o melhor clube do mundo..ao menos para mim sim…forca portugal

  11. I’ve just given you 2 examples of the referee being on the other team’s side!!!

    How are Portugal doing in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers?… Played 5, Won 1 ???

  12. LOOL shut up bitch u were luck with that goal disalowed, and england agasint like any other team allways has the referee on urr side !

    milky son of a bitch !

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