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25 thoughts on “Os Navegadores – Portugal World Cup 2010 HD

  1. Por tu gal! Por tu gal! los mejores del mundo, un saludo, Perú los apoya!

  2. HALA MADRID !!! 32 leagues , 3 champion league , 5 cup del rey CAMPEONES CAMPEONES !!!!

  3. What i’ll never understand, Eduardo gave up one goal, the entire tournament, played incredibly, yet, he sees no time on the national team. I understand Rui Patricio is an up and comer, but what did Eduardo do wrong? Other than giving up an offside, rebound, off the post goal to one of the most dangerous strikers in the league?

  4. My fav national team! Great players like paulo ferreira,liedson,deco,hugo almeidA,bruno alves,quaresma carlos martins!!!

  5. can i use this footage i will make sure the credit goes to you

  6. Can i use this footage i will make sure the credit goes to you

  7. haahahah queiroz is sheet.Paulo Bento will go Portugal to Euro 2012 victory

  8. this coach is very good! with the shit of queiros we ( PORTUGAL ) wouldnt win

  9. this is awesome and villa got lucky spain got lucky 1 goal in every game bs!

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