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25 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Qualifiers-Portugal Vs. Denmark Highlights(2011)

  1. Desde españa estamos con nuestros hermanos portugueses ole ole bravo ke viva españa y portugal os keremos desde españa besos

  2. It’s too bad these two teams ended up in the same group as Germany and Netherlands. I really want to see them go on to the quarterfinals!

  3. Que triste Fado!! Neetherlands again! I’m glad it´s not Portugal first game because they would find a way to put Cristiano Ronaldo out of the Euro by injuring him like they tried to do in 2006. It´s a tough group but we believe in our talent. Go Portugal!!

  4. finally denmark is through to the euro 2012…now win the cup and me proud 😀

  5. they need to win the play offs, there is 4 more spots in the euro 2012 and if portugal wins, there in

  6. pepe and coentrao picked up a injury before this game, so the coach had to put any defense players he could find, so yeah the defense in this game was bad, and Denmark did great, i cant lie
    but they will be back for the play offs so dnt count portugal out of the euro (;

  7. Portugal needs pepe and coentrao back D:
    once they get off injury the defense will be back to normal and I promise they wont play like that again and hopefully the coach sees how much carvhlo helped Portugal and he will let him back in (:

  8. ok man add me n facebook Lukas Medvedevas am with orange t-shirt and yeah i will make i too 🙂 your video has to be from 1 min to 1.30 long ok??

  9. ok man u wanna make a collab video?? if u dont know what that means message me

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