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24 thoughts on “World Cup Football 2006 Portugal Vs. England

  1. Dirty english people -_- get over it, england and portugal have the longuest alieance in the world, we should not fight and have a friendly rivalries

  2. i’d say 2006 was the best and most exciting WC i’ve ever seen.
    and i guess pretty much we all agree that 2006 was waaay better than vuvuzela-filled 2010

  3. The reason alot of portuguese and other nationalities go to england is to fuck your women. They need us. The english are just not very good at anything football and sex included. I can only imagine if they are as clumsey in bed as they are on the pitch.

  4. theres loads of portuguese in england but the all in london like me. REPPIN PORTUGAL ALL DAY

  5. I totally agree with you. I mean I am portuguese, and I still think both are great countries and people should respect each other more even more just thinking both country have the oldest aliance in the world. yeah lest await for the world cup. greetings from Portugal

  6. @Cmoreira0123 wow what a serprise someone from portugal living in england lmao

  7. please tell me u didnt just compare ronaldo with rooney!!

    ronaldo is a much better player than rooney

    deco and lampard are both aging so dont expect them to be the stars at the world cup 😛

    pepe and ferdinand though both quality

  8. The world cup is just around the corner which can only mean one thing: Here comes the barrage from the English fans: “yeah, we’re are win gonna the world cup!” ; “we’re the favourites”, “we’re one of the top teams in the world”, etc, etc…

    The same shit every four years. And what ends up happening? The same shit every four years, ha ha…

    Really, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between arrogance/cockyness and self-deluded stupidity.

  9. Both are good countries, england won portugal too, so it doesnt mean portugal or england is the best country just because they won each other, the best country is determined by silverware.

    Portugal have deco, england have lampard, portugal have ronaldo, england has rooney, portugal have pepe, england has ferdinand.

    you should see the world cup match between them next year, its more fun.

  10. magic game, not hust because of the result (im portuguese) but because of the memoents i lived whatiching this awesome game betwen 2 great teams

  11. shut up portugal haters
    we portugal are never gonna be famous as a national team but we r not saying u suck
    at least we dreamed a bit with glory…
    cant we live in peace??!!

  12. u england tramps,you know fuck all about football,id love to rip beckams limbs off,and shove them up victorias ass hole. fuck all of you,fuck the queen,fuck england,

    Chuckie ar La!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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