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25 thoughts on “Portugal Vs Cyprus 4-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – September 3 2010 – Euro 2012 Qualifier – HD

  1. shame on you portugal!! i’m not saying that cyprus is bad but portugal have so good players

  2. We didn’t really lose if the war ended because of a cease fire ordered by the U.N. And I hope you know The Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey. So really we are just Cypriot. Yea an illegal invasion makes us look worse… Your smart -_- I have respect for Portuguese people when they respect me back. You on the other hand are a cocky, stuck up little shit. Go fuck yourself you stupid fucking pork chop.

  3. Your an idiot, how stupid would it be if i did an exact quote??

    And that “illegal Invasion” makes your country look even worse…Cyprus AND Greece lost to Turky??? Fucking TURKY LOL

    They ran through your country like it was nothing and set up there own little state that took 36% of your entire island lol

  4. I would be happy because i know they put all 110% effort into every game they play.

  5. Portugal has a great Economy… idiot, Get some knowledge before you go bashing…

    And are you trying to scare or threaten me over the internet? LOL

    And if your so happy to TIE, It’s only logical to think you’d be happy to loose by 1 to a great team

  6. Oh and your assuming i would say we are so good? Bitch you don’t even know me. So don’t talk to me like you know me ok? At least Cyprus doesn’t have slums like Portugal Cyprus has a good economy and they are doing fine.

  7. What did Cyprus do? We fought off the turks in the illegal invaison of 1974.  Turkey had their backs watched by america, that would explain all their weapons. And clearly you do not know how to quote. I never said “I” I said “you”. Might wanna get those cum shots outta your eyes. And why the fuck are you saying im cheering like we won? IM PROUD OF MY COUNTRY YOU STUPID FUCKING AMERICAN-PORTUGESE FUCK. Sure Portugal is more favored to win most of their games, but what happened?

  8. Look i don’t have the intention to say your country is not good, has no history etc you just peas me of cause you did that and obviously know nothing about Cyprus. Just to inform you cyprus ”lira” was more expensive than the English lira before we get into the euro zone. Oh and cyprus = cipros = cuprum = Cu the element you know, nobody knows if my country took its name after the element or the opposite, it was fool of Cu and trust me well known in the ancient world.

  9. are you sure about the economy cause Portugal is one of the countries along with Greece, Spain and a few others that has big crisis nowadays? anyway i don ‘t actually feel like making colonies is a good thing don’t get me wrong but France, England and other EU countries did that and see where Africa is know and still Europeans take advantage of those countries. Don’t worry our system is fine. You did not know 1 of EU countries and there are only 27 think about it.

  10. Stop “hating on a country i doubt way to much” WTF are you doing bitch? LOLOLOLOL

    Quit before you embarrass yourself even more you….I know Portugal is better then Cyprus, You know it …Every one knows it…Cyprus got lucky with a last second goal and tied…whatever, But the fact that you cheer like you won is so sad lolololol

  11. Then why quote “best defense” if i didn’t say it you idiot!?!?
    Did you grow up in Cyprus? Because they must not have a school system there..Man your so stupid.
    Portugal found Brazil, Colonized parts of Africa, Portugal had the best navigators at sea and won numerous wars against spain, french and russia.
    WTF did cyprus do?

    Did you not see the quotes around the “were so good”…Thats because i said thats what you would say if cyprus lost to holland you idiot!

  12. You want history? Try guessing who found Brazil and why they speak Portuguese in Brazil? Or who where the first to travel around Africa, while colonizing it? Guess what country had one of the biggest naval Armys in the 1500s? and guess what country was 1 the main traders of goods from Asia to Europe?

    Art? Columbano Pinheiro, Nuno Gonçalves, José Malhoa…Look them up

    Portugal also has one of the world best Economy’s

    Want more?

  13. file mou nomizo prepei na ton afisoume na leei ta dika tou o tipos den tin paleuei. neuriasa kai go sorry gia tin anamixi alla ton eida meres tora pou mashete eipa na ton agnoiso alla tora den antexa

  14. and start talking shit about Cyprus. If they lose, they lose. I won’t complain. Fuck you for hating patriotic people like me. So you know what? Go buy yourself a life and stop hating on a country you doubt way too much. Is it my fault that we are doing better than expected? No. You greasy Portuguese fuck.

  15. Ohh yea good one. Legally retarted. I guess you can relate to your self a lot on that. I never said you said portugal had the best defence, im reading the comments of other football fans. You clearly are an idiot for calling my country worthless. What else is portugal known for besides football? Nothing cause they are shit. And when did i say we are so good? DID I SAY THAT? No i did not. I said I am proud of them. But you and your disgusting poverty self and to come in

  16. your probably idiot to say a country worthless. yes my friend we are happy because we are a small island not even 1 mil and still do well and i have to remind you we were playing abroad. and shall i ask what your country is worth for? tell me history, art, one thing that Portugal is known for. you know there are more important things than football.

  17. Can you not read English? I said “You and your country are fucking worthless” whats wrong with that? You would be happy to lose to holland by 1-0 because cyprus sucks…I can see it now “Oh we only lost by 1 goal…Were so good” lol And Cyprus is not doing better then Portugal you idiot..How many points does cyprus have? 1 oh i thought so…

    The more you type the more i think you’re legally retarded, Where did i say Portugal had the best defense? where? You idiot, get out of here

  18. my country are fucking worthless? Check up on your grammar kid. Your calling Cyprus shit? and why are u assuming i would be happy if they lost 1-0 to holland? Cyprus is doing better than shit stained portugal. You guys are overrated. Look at your goalie, he’s so shit. If you have the “best defence” explain what Cyprus did. You should talk when Portugal is doing better than Cyprus in this group.

  19. Just look at our conversation…Im Portuguese and your a cypriot…Portugal and Cyprus TIE! and I’m disappointed and your Happy…Do you not see how sad you look? Do you not see how fucking pathetic you make your country look? You would probably be happy if you lost 1-0 to holland…because you and your country are fucking worthless and cyrpus will probably never win another game in this tournament

  20. Are you mentally retarded? Seriously…Are you? i think it’s pretty obvious im Portuguese and If i were a cypriot, I would fucking shot myself…repeatedly. Have cyprus ever made it to a world cup or euro cup before? Ever? No, i dont think so…Why? Because the country is full of fags just like you…And cyprus didn’t beat portugal but since you so deprived of a win because your country sucks…you think a draw is a win which is pathetic

  21. They were skill. Something you clearly don’t have in life. Im happy about it. I don’t think you can do much about it but whine like the little bitch you are. Your jealous cause your not from Cyprus. And if they were worthless we wouldn’t have a football team. You clearly no nothing about life or Cyprus. Don’t talk shit about a Country your’s could never live up to.Im proud of them and there isnt a thing you can do to stop me or any other cypriot of being proud of our boys.fuck

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