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Portuguese outfit Canelas, branded “thugs” and “butchers” have risen to the top of the nation’s amateur league.

The team rose to the top after other teams defaulted as they were afraid to play them. The club reportedly fielded three members of the “Super Dragons” ultras – a fan group of FC Porto. The skipper of the team is nicknamed Ape – a strong member of the infamous ultras.

The other clubs are too afraid to face them and are more afraid to make an official complaint, as they are aware of such consequences. The fourth-tier amateur league clubs say that the players of Canelas intimidate the players and referees on a regular basis.

“Canelas does not respect the rules, they are thugs, butchers and our players are afraid to face them,” the president of Grijo Manuel Gomes said to AFP.

Canelas have won 19 games this term with a stunning 13 by default. Opposing teams prefer to pay $800 fine than risk trouble with Canelas. This has shot the club 14 points ahead of their closest competition.

The infamous club made the headlines last year when a video of them was posted on YouTube. The video captured the players more in a martial arts competition as they beat their opponents black and blue whilst dressed in their white and blue outfits.

The skipper Fernando ‘Ape’ Madureira admitted to their aggressiveness but added that they do not carry guns or sticks onto the pitch.

“In the beginning we just wanted to score some points, now we want to be promoted because no one wants to play against us,” the 41-year old master’s degree holder added.

If they win the league – going by current happenings – the team would compete in a playoffs for a chance to move to the third tier – where they could feature in the Portuguese Cup against Porto.