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25 thoughts on “Zidane Penalty Vs Portugal Fifa World Cup 2006 Semi-Final

  1. butthurt much? cuz it would have been hard for him to just continue alone against the keeper right? Even if you were irish i wouldn’t understand why you seem so pissed. go get your dick sucked bro it will make feel better

  2. below average?come on dude we may not be in the top 10 teams in the world right now but we ain’t that bad…. have you seen our game against spain a few days ago? Also the team is full of young players so your ”has been” comment doesn’t apply

  3. France is doing a great job stinking the field these days… bunch of has beens. No matter, throughout most World Cups with the exception of one or two prior to Zidane, they have been average at best and are below average now.

  4. wow, just like the Italy/France 2006 w/c finals, another lousy penalty shot awarded to France… Henry is a piece of shit. Talk about embelishment.

  5. All you Portuguese people. C’mon you know that was a foul. If it had been pretty boy Mr I don’t pass Ronaldo got fouled like that you guys wouldnt be saying anything. Let’s be fair. That was an obvious foul

  6. @ZeusLowBap you will see what will happen to you in the the hereafter, but for now I advise you to hold back from saying that.

  7. This ref is always in the center of terrible calls. In this World Cup he was AWFUl, and in 2010 he was terrible.

  8. Panenka penalty like Ramos or Pirlo, bitch please, this penalty by Zidane is pure skill and class, just look how he was only two steps from the ball and the goalkeeper could easily know where the ball was going but it was so precise that it was impossible for him to catch it

  9. Dude, that was definitely a foul, but of course he exaggerated his reaction so the referee would notice. But that was definitely a foul, not a dive.

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