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25 thoughts on “World Cup Match 2006: The Netherlands – Portugal

  1. When it comes to Portugal how can anyone who is an England supporter be neutral? Portugal has owned England for years. I suspect you might not be as neutral as you claim.

  2. let me guess that means
    we must have one that game vs the portugese ???

  3. Portugal sucks ass? It has been one of the few European teams regularly present on the final knock out stages for the last 4 major international competitions (Euro 2004, World Cup 2006, Euro 2004 and World Cup 2010)

  4. forget about 4 years ago, today is your chance to win the World Cup. Fuck Portugal, they always suck ass! 

  5. lol looks like they all died. Holland should of won my ass , you guys started that shit and thought the portuguese would not fight back and got the medicine you guys needed.

  6. Brazil? “We’ll put their name to the test!” FORÇA PORTUGAL!!! 😉

  7. you started a fight and you got your ass kicked, hope you liked it hahahahaha

  8. don’t worry netherlands
    have everything for make history this world cup in south africa.
    greetings from Italy.

  9. It still holds the record for the most cards in 1 game.
    Holland FTW :)…

  10. this was the best match i ever seen this match was the best in 2006 world cup

  11. this match was world best fighting match this was war lolz 16 yellow card and 4 red card

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