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10 thoughts on “World cup England vs portugal

  1. Westcredit: I’m not even going to sink to that level. I don’t do cat fights online I would rather be cheering my team to victory, wouldn’t you? Why say something bad about my team? You have nothing good to say about England? That would insult me if I were English. I can find good things to say about the England team,they won their last 3 games 3-0, they moved from 12th to 9th, they tied Brazil, maybe most importantly, they invented the best sport in the world and aren’t half bad at it either!

  2. i remember how annoyed i was at rooneys red card, if ronaldo hadn’t gone cryin to the ref it wouldn’t have happened

    also lampard didnt play at his best at that world cup

  3. this was good..for all the hype aout the best of a generation England played like a pub team,never played with a plan,let in silly goals against Sweden..it was good fun
    Vva Argentina!!!

  4. Thank goodness finally somone is applauding them not giving them a hardtime! thankyou!! good video btw 🙂

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