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25 thoughts on “World Cup 2006 Portugal vs Holland fight

  1. The Portuguese team is a bunch of crying little girls. Not´╗┐ to forgot a bunch of cheaters ­čÖé

  2. robbed from a corner don’t think so I heard of betting on a ref and ref bribery the dutch fought the whole match´╗┐ Spain won because it was overtime and they did penalty kicks


  4. Your claims of cheating by the Dutch are unsubstantiated. The Spanish won the world cup final because they had´╗┐ the referee on their side in nearly every aspect of the game. A shining example of this is the game against the Spanish where the Dutch were robbed off a corner, which in turn resulted in the counter that gave Iniesta the opportunity to score the 1-0.

  5. The Spanish won because they use skill I watched their match in 2010 they won because they don’t cheat the Dutch and Portuguese do there is a rule in the FIFIA rules of the game about bad sportsmanship´╗┐ and the Dutch and the Portuguese broke all of the rules. Portugal vs Holland was caused because of bad sportsmanship. if you do bad sportsmanship you don’t deserve the World Cup only the best of the best get it. all the cheaters get are a red card and disqualification.

  6. Portugal lost in world cup 2010 Spain won because they don’t play dirty. FIFIA makes the rules count the cards in the world cup Portugal and Holland hold the record for the most Spain only has 10 and they are all yellows and they only got reded twice in the history of the team Portagul and Holland have 48 reds in their history all from brawling on the field The FIFIA Rules of the Game states brawling is not allowed anyone doing it will get an automatic red and will get´╗┐ disqualified.

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