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25 thoughts on “USA vs Portugal 2002 World Cup

  1. quem ganho esse match do 2002?? cristiano ronaldo, vilas boas, eusebio, benfica??’ No meu amigo, ganho USA.

  2. Lembrar-me quantas Copas Mundials Portugal ganhou?
    E tambem si voce pode lembrar-me o registro do Portugal contra EUA no copa de mundo..

  3. The U.S. didn’t start that. “Soccer” as a word was first used in England in the 1880s. Agora aprendeu uma coisa … vá pesquisar antes de falar.

  4. Oh you mexico fans…still angry about the round of 16 game this World Cup are we?

  5. I love the excuses from all these idiots like you as to why USA “isnt better”. We beat Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Wales, Scotland, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Japan and New Zealand. Not to mention that the USA has gotten 3rd place in the World Cup, yet you guys still wanna jump on the “USA sucks” bandwagon? Go fuck yourselfs, USA is a great team your just a dumbass.

  6. On the contrary, they were the 4th ranked nation in the World Cup and were one of the outside favorites to win the tournament. But a combination of fueds with the players and trainers and questionable officiating saw them out of the tournament much earlier than expected.

  7. who the fuck takes there time to actually right all of this? but nice try they all have the same meaning bitch.. FUTBOL.

  8. Football exists way before american football why the fuck you name a sport football when 90% of the game is played with hands..?
    Why not american rugby?..

    It’s so stupid i dont get it..

  9. really you can’t compare Portugal with USA, in football we are really above, maybe you are good in that sport that you call soccer…

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