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The head coach of the Portuguese national football team, Fernando Santos received an 8 long match suspension due to his actions during the 2014 World Cup when he was in charge of the Greek National team and during a match against Costa Rica; Santos was removed from the pitch after an incident which involved the referee.

This ban was reduced from 8 matches to only 2. Santos had to miss out from Portugal’s matches against Serbia and Armenia which concluded in victories for his team.

Many people believed that an 8 match suspension was just too long and after much deliberation, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) confirmed that the ban was reduced to only 2 matches and this allows Fernando Santos to be alongside his team for their upcoming match against Armenia.

Portugal has to face off with Armenia on June 13 in a match that is crucial for the Portuguese side to continue their dominance in Group I meanwhile Armenia is still in search for their first victory.

Group I consists of Portugal, Denmark, Albania, Serbia and Armenia. All of these teams are hoping to perform well in the group stages of the 2016 Euro’s and if they manage to secure a spot in the top spots, it will allow them on sealing a ticket to the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s.

Portugal is currently positioned at the top after managing to collect 9 points from 4 matches while Armenia is at the bottom with only 1 point so far.

The team of Fernando Santos is the favorites on coming out on top with the victory. Armenia and Portugal have already faced off and this match concluded in a 1-0 triumph for the Portuguese side with the only goal of the entire game arriving at the 72nd minute through Cristiano Ronaldo, this match was played on November 14 of 2014 and Armenia are thirsty for revenge.