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25 thoughts on “(R.I.P) Eusébio Top Goals & Skills & Full Life Story (1942-2014) HD

  1. AMAZING Great player unerrated by the Europeans they only say he’s good
    once he is dead, TRUE LEGEND R.I.P

  2. Eusébio já ninguem se lembra… CR7 – melhor jogador portugues de todos os
    tempos (até hoje).

    Eusébio parasita de um país que nunca ganhou ponta. 

  3. Shame I didn’t get into football/futbol/calcio/soccer prior to the WC 2010!

    Damn North American conditioning! 🙂

    Then I got a 42″ plasma tv in 2010, and watched that competition in free


    While I don’t support any team at all and I certainly don’t know all the
    players’ name/positions/strengths/weaknesses, etc, it’s a really but really
    respectable sport.

    That was my cool story.

  4. Nuno Mendes vai—te foder se calhar es portista como eu ou sportingista mas
    o eusébio fez muito pela seleção e ele não era um benquista como os dois
    cromos da Benfica TV. Ele sabia respeitar os rivais.

  5. if you change this stupid background music to this one Avenged Sevenfold –
    Hail to the King , it will be the best video ever ! Hail to our king
    Eusébio !!!

  6. R.I.P one of Greatest Footballer in The 20 Century Best player in the 1966
    world cup and a UEFA Champions League winner you will not be forgotten….

  7. Sabem que no vídeo há golos do Coluna quando o Eusébio nem sequer estava em
    campo. :)

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