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25 thoughts on “Qualifiers 2010 Portugal – Denmark

  1. in my opinion denmark belongs to the 10 best teams of the world, in the last years they won against germany, spain,´╗┐ portugal,sweden …

  2. Tag en tudekiks… Nogen mennesker er bare f├Şdt til at klage og komme med negative kommentarer. Du er en af dem.

    Og hvad bilder du dig ind, at sige ‘Fail’ til DK? Det’ ikke mig, der staver ass med to z’er. Fail.

    Udover dette synes jeg selv, at det er et latterligtbrugernavn, s├ą har ikke et behov for, at folk som dig, kommer med´╗┐ smart-ass kommentarer.

  3. 1. Nice Celebration by Nani
    2.´╗┐ Nice to see Howard Webb being a referee for this match
    3. Nice Denmark, unlucky Portugal.


  4. LOL Ronaldo’s shots seemed just fine when Portugal won 3-1, thanks… let’s be honest, Denmark only has a chance at beating Portugal when Portugal is playing like shit. If they’re playing well for an extended period like they are in the last´╗┐ few games then Portugal wins easily like they did last game.

  5. I’m dutch =D sry we beat you at wc but nice win´╗┐ at this 1..
    portugal won of the world champions and you won of portugal soo..?

  6. i don’t know what you mean but this game is called ‘football’ we don’t know why you american’s want to call your game ‘american football’ while you don’t even´╗┐ use your foot :S Why don’t you call ‘american football’ ‘soccer’?

  7. portugal.. instead of learning cristiano ronaldo how to dive.. you´╗┐ might concider training on your shoots..

  8. Yeah in the UK. However, in the US, it’s called´╗┐ soccer. You understand sucker?

  9. Now no one can stop portugal´╗┐ with shity carlos quieroz sacked, and now 2 wins in the euro 2012 qualifiers, including one against dernmark 3-1 ;)..and recently a 4-0 win against world champions spain.

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