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The 2016’s Euros is nearing closer and national teams are preparing their respective squads for the upcoming international tournament. Fernando Santos of the Portuguese national is aiming for glory as he thinks and believes that his team is capable of taking down some of the bigger teams in this competition and reach the advanced stages.

Portugal has had a fairly impressive record when it comes to competing in the Euro’s as they are consistently getting into the semifinals or the quarter-finals. In the 2012 edition of the Euro’s, Portugal snatched the 3rd spot and Fernando Santos is hoping that his squad can replicate those past performances and results.

“The training facilities are booked until July 10, we will play the final in Paris and it is on that basis. We reserved until then and we believe we will stay here until the 10th … By the way, the 11th, I just want to go home on the 11th after throwing the party.” Portugal’s Fernando Santos said.

Portugal was pitted in Group F where they will be facing off with Iceland, Austria and Hungary. Fernando Santos and his men are the favorites of advancing through the group stages with relative ease.

The first match of this group will be played on June 14 with Austria facing off with Hungary and Portugal with Iceland. The team of Fernando Santos has a number of friendly matches that they will be playing before the 2016 Euro’s kick off in full force; these friendly games will be against: Bulgaria, Belgium and Norway.

C.Ronaldo is considered to be one of the best players in the world and some even recognize him as one of the best in the history of the game as he is continuously winning major titles and doing outstanding performances but one thing that he is lacking is a significant piece of silverware with his national side and the Portuguese player will attempt to silence his doubters.