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25 thoughts on “Portugal’s Best Moments

  1. @ODragaoAmarelo pauleta e nabo temos melhores jgadores agra so k jga com
    menos paixao dos k disseste

  2. espanhois coitados sao uns invejosos tem inveja de portugal porque
    eleminous do mundial 2006 XD

  3. Netherlands was going to kick us out of the cup han??? AHAHAHAHAH. But
    where is your shit time now?? GOING HOME!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA GERMANY GERMANY
    LOOOOOOOL 444444444444444444444. GO PAY YOUR TAXES LOOOL. this is realy

  4. vou responder em portugues,porque num video tuga falas portugues camelo
    filho da puta,portugal ja enrabou todas as seleçoes,tem tido azar,mas
    olha,quem tem o melhor do mundo oh grande cabrao?o melhor de todos os
    tempos tambem era tuga,eu queria ver o que era do futebol mundial sem os
    portugueses,NO MOURINHO,NO RONALDO

  5. Why do you bother to answer to these stupid comments about the portuguese
    team? What comes from bellow can´t hurt us, Portugal is above all that. If
    it´s such a bad team why do these idiots whatch our videos? Maybe to learn
    how to play football. Força Portugal!

  6. Well Jellydonut…your crapola country is just 1 wetnap behind us! Did you
    forget that before you joined the Euro you were a 3rd world country? Your
    infrastructure was nonexistent?? Did you forget that 1 day ago $8 Billion
    cod fishes were pumped into Portugee banks because they are Fraudulent??? I
    see why you are Sad…a country with a rich history of Navigating and
    shitty soccer teams that Never win any Cups 🙁

  7. a selecçao na altura do pauletra, nuno valente, fernando couto e figo é q
    era lol

  8. just read u fu.ck first whos portugee? I mean you say to someone to go to
    school when u dont know how to fuckin write, second if cups means
    everything to you, you are saying England is worse than Denmark, because
    Denmark has more cups than england and they arent better in every way.

  9. YouTube, this comment may have Received too Many negative votes from the 19
    Fake aliases Falcaoza has going on, but sadly, the comment is 100% CORRECT!
    The Portugee have Never won 1 single Cup of any kind whatsoever, AND my
    tiny, welfare country of Greece beat them in their own backyard in Euro
    2004 to proudly lift that Euro Cup!!!! If you see that Truth as being
    negative like the Portugee fearing the Truth, then you both need help. Long
    live Greece, long live Greek soccer and Euro 2004 Cup!!!!

  10. Yeah… England had to screw all the other teams to win her only World
    Cup… Congratz Deepshit, at least we don’t buy World/Euro matches, bitch.
    Vai mas é po caralho ó cabrão de merda, que o Eusébio não merecia ficar a
    chorar pelo que vocês fizeram, o bifes da merda.

  11. Nahh, I’m not mad “bro” just sad… Your country is a piece of shit, that
    lies on Economy Data, a shame the country where democracy was born went so
    low… a shity Pig farm.

  12. Correcção: Pedro Abrunhosa & Bandemónio. Pode talvez não parecer mas é
    importante. Saudações.

  13. mamabayon,you really are a forever alone,answering to your own
    comments.It’s a shame that once a great country like greece is now a
    shithole nearly ending with morons like you.We may not have any cups,but we
    have pride,great players and great games while you struggle to win
    one.Please,go back to your hole if you lack the knowledge of english and
    football.Also,do you know what a third world country is?God sakes,you are
    ignorant.We’re a FIRST WORLD country.We didn’t rise during the cold war,we

  14. what the hell is wrong with you, a team can have best moments without
    winning any of the cups or events. Just being there and playing is enough
    to make good moments.

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