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25 thoughts on “Portugal Football History

  1. “adoro” ver os putos tugas falar ingles quando ambos q estao a conversar
    sao tugas…acordem caralho

  2. my top ten 1. ronaldo 2. deco 3. bosingwa 4. nani 5. ricardo 6. pepe 7.raul
    meireles 8. simao 9. nuno gomez 10. bruno alvez

  3. we just have the best coatch and the best footbal player off the world
    ..such a litle country isn t it;);)

  4. So unfortunate that a great team like Portugal have only been to 4 FIFA
    World cups in ’66 ’86 ’02 and ’06. No world cup wins so far and no euro
    wins. Don’t worry their time will come

  5. façam mas é um video que seja mesmo portugal football history, isto é pa
    entreter pacovios

  6. sim!o simao e um grande jogador!!o problema de portugal e ter tantos
    extremos e falta de grandes pontas de lança!

  7. @AdrianoLima12 i am NOT familiar with your girlfriend but i am sure she
    smells like bacalado LOL! Looking forward 2 c your shitty country’s soccer
    team lose ALL 3 of their games in their group in the Euro Cup and seeing
    Greece win like when they beat ur shit team in Euro 2004 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Forca sisi tro belle musique et trop belle video ! Bien jouer a toi et
    encore une fois forca && viva ( L ) PORTUGAL SEMPRE NO CARACAO ( L )

  9. @mamabayon so much anger from Greece, maybe is the crisis!! Go check FIFA
    ranking and tell who is the top. Wait you like Portugal that why you came
    to this video! And many greek teams have won Champions League…let me tell
    you NONE. As you can i dont need to swear to protect my country like you

  10. @timothyduncan21 Thanks so much i am portuguese but i like Greece one day i
    would like to go there

  11. Olaa ! Je sui pour portugal …. Portugal sempre no coraçao … Loin D
    Yeuxx Mais préé du Coeur !! =) Viva portugall On va Gagner Portugal pera la
    Vida !!! Ba-mos gagnar !!

  12. simão é muito importante…vais ter que por o nani a suplente. o avançado
    será o liedson claro e nao vejo mal nisso

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