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Recent Champions League winners Real Madrid would miss star defender Pepe as he confirmed he would leave the team this summer.

The Euro 2016 star has been at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu since 2007 but now his watch has ended, if you are a GOT fan.

While still celebrating his third continental trophy in four years, the 34-year old said he was forced to say hurried goodbyes. He claimed he is confused at the manner of his departure as the coach and his teammates knew before him.

His contract with the Spanish supergiants would end this summer. He probably expected an extra year so he could seal his legacy or prepare his mind for life after Madrid. Unfortunately the club thought otherwise. It is more painful as he did not prepare for the exit.

Since moving to the Spanish capital from Porto, he has played 334 games. His efforts have been very crucial to Madrid’s dominance over the years. Partnering with skipper Sergio Ramos, they have ruled an era in the La Liga.

Some say he might move to England, even though PSG and Turkish sides are on the radar. Zinedine Zidane has been spectacular since he became coach, Pepe said but the Frenchman would need to make several key decisions that would determine if the current success at the club remains for long.

The team is maturing, with many more players pushing towards the big 30. The Team B are looking for more play time while aged ones want long contract to secure their future. Zidane has man-managed the team to impressive success. He has fewer doubters but the work ahead is still huge if he wants to remain as coach for a long time.