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25 thoughts on “Luis Figo in real madrid : goodbye legend!

  1. Thanks for the video! As a Barça-Fan, it was a tragedy when Figo left to
    Madrid! Until Beckham arrived in Madrid, Figo maintained his right-wing
    position which he had been playing since his days at Barça under J. Cruyff
    who assigned him this position.. ….. Figo is the more complete player;
    right or left wing Figo can play on both sides along with a great dribbling
    technique while Beckham (in spite of his world class crosses, free kicks
    and corners kicks) is only good as a right winger which he had been playing
    for 10 years at ManU….

  2. He is amongst the best ever you tool. He was consistently the best player
    in the world at the turn of the millennium in 2000 and 2001- back when the
    likes of Zidane and Rivaldo were playing. And he carried Real on his back
    in 03/04- pity Raul nd Zidane were playin so shit that season. In his first
    season he broke Real’s assists record nd help them win a title after a 5
    year drought (I believe). In 2002- he was injured nd off form- nd its no
    coincidence Real finished lyk 3rd

  3. @PuntadewaCEO actually Beckham who was swich his position to central
    Midfield..Figo still in Right Wing role..

  4. Zidane,beckham,ronaldo all the legend were all in r.m.a…truly powerful

  5. I don’t know, i extracted it from another video. You can do the same. Sorry.

  6. He was unlucky because he was on the same team and had the same age as
    zidane. Figo, what a great player. Best pure winger ever in football history

  7. @maloniam But figo misses penalty 🙂 and juventus was in final .
    AcMilan>Juventus ! FORZA !

  8. He was just brilliant!!.. I’ve watched him play for Real since he came over
    from Barcelona. Simply magnificent, he owned the right strip lane, without
    a match. He then switches to the left wing to assist Little Witch-Carlos,
    then goes in between the mids and does one-twos with the maestro Zizou..
    Morientes or Raul or R9 who usually finishes it with the ball behind the
    net!… That was the Real Madrid Figo i remember!.. Thanx for the vid.clip
    & space to comment, peace.. ; ]

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