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24 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Soccer 2010 Spain 1-0 Portugal Goal And Full Highlights David Villa scores.

  1. LOL…i Predict Portugee WONT even qualify for the WC 2014 LOL,LOL,LOL…too shitty!

  2. Portugee soccer is the joke of Europe! The have Won a Record Breaking Z-E-R-O Cups, Constantly say they are Awesome, yet CANT ever beat Spain unless it’s in a Meaningless “friendly” match lol,lol,lol. Yeah, Portugee have a shit team, a shit country, and shitheads Everywhere on the planet being Anti-Spanish HATERS; what can you expect from Retards who CANT even Beat Spain and Win a Cup???

  3. that was offside, look at the goal carefully after the pass it gets retouched by spain when villa is offside. Look closely.

  4. Um, how did Spain beat Portugal because of the referees?

    Did the referees take the penalties for them? Nope.

  5. da fuk dude i dont care about that we could have win this championship but ‘cuz it was a offside goal we didnt won but im telling u won this championship fair and square i didnt talk about Cups that Spain won i dont care about that

  6. last I checked, Spain has won 3 euros, 1 world cup, made a confederation’s cup semi final, has won the record for largest score margin in a major final, and has won the most consecutive championships in history.. so yeah I guess Spaniard do have somewhat of a reason to be “cocky”, or better said , proud and confident… what has Portugal done?

  7. arrogant and cocky? what u come here that Portugal hasn’t faced a single etc Portugal lost but there was 1 penalty not make but ok unless that Spain won fair and square. second AND IVE ALREADY TOLD U we did not win ‘cuz this offside goal so okay. but ur more arrogant than us!

  8. LOL he scored when it didn’t matter and couldn’t when it did. So yeah I did watch it and yes I did watch Portugal go home and Spain win the cup

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