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The international coaches generally work for making it to a particular stage in the next major or maybe for qualifying for the next major.

But, coach of the moment Fernando Santos doesn’t work with any target in mind as such and neither does his federation give him a target which he has to aim for if he is not to be axed.

Santos reveals the federation had not told him that this is a particular target for him and this is what he must fulfil when they had placed him two years ago. He just was placed and asked to work as he would like and even recently when the extension deal was inked, nobody in Federation talked of what should be the least stage to get to in World Championship or anything of that type.

As per Santos, his chairman and also the associates of the chairman understand what he tries to do as a coach and don’t doubt his method. They just let him be.

Santos said, “I keep it uncomplicated. All I think and ask my players to think is to win and put in the hard yards you need to put in to win and the federation has always let me work my way without giving me any target.”

“People are asking me what in store for Portugal now. Well, I just have one answer. There will be no reduction in our effort. The hard yards will continue to be put in. It’s not that Euro title has given us any additional stature. If anything, it would make us sweat ourselves more than before.”
“To supporters I would say you can have expectations with us as you had in Euro and we would try to make you smile always.”