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Fernando Santos wants Portugal to continue the winning ways and make it to the Euro as early as possible.

Portugal is currently at no. 2 in the points table of Group I, but, if they topple Serbia in their next game, they will be able to overtake Denmark which is leading the table.

Portugal had actually been shocked by Albania in the first match, but, they have come back with two wins on the trot and the hero of both those wins for them has been Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo looked pumped up in the training again ahead of the Serbia game.

He was in deep conversation with Santos discussing the tactics or maybe the technicalities of his own game. Whatever it was, but, he was intense. And, there was determination in his eyes.

Ronaldo has had tough times recently, both personally and Football wise. The level of his performances has come down a little bit for his club and he has been criticized.

But, being the genius that he is, Ronaldo can suddenly come up with a high class performance from nowhere.

And, after the intensity that he showed in training, his fans must be looking forward to the Serbia game.

Meanwhile, Santos addressed media earlier in the evening and he emphasized the point how important it is for Portugal to win.

The manager was quoted as saying, “It’s certainly not a do-or-die match, but, you don’t want to be losing this and then getting into a position where you have to rely on somebody else.”

“As long as the matter is in your own hands, it’s good. So, we are desperate to win this game and ensure the qualification already before we make our way to Belgrade. I hope we succeed.”