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21 thoughts on “England vs Portugal – World Cup 2006 Quarter Final

  1. I remember celebrating when Portugal won that match, but I admit I can sympathize with you. Football is the only sport that I follow where it gives the highest excitement and the lowest misery. It hurts like hell to lose, especially this way.

  2. Haha sore loser—Brazil population is 200 million people, it obvious there is more in the pool to choose from. England population is 52 million 40 million more than Portugal and you still can’t win against Portugal. Who’s the fool now?

  3. I was at that match 6 years ago as a 9 year old, still so painful 🙁 – COME ON ENGLAND!!!

  4. I’m convinced if Rooney wasn’t sent off aswell he would’ve had his penalty saved by Ricardo too.

  5. wow that’s a terrible thing to say mate, it has nothing to do with football, pure prejudice. i don’t see how a guy winking at the coach is cheating when rooney loses control and cracks some nuts in front of the ref. we often see players delighted when referees give fair penalties, is that cheating too? Cheating would be crushing someone’s nuts and gettin away with it. We also were the first country to abolish slavery and we’re very proud of our relations with our brothers. ta-da

  6. @ninjagaidenz They started the African slave trade, and their cousins in Brazil are better atheltes than them

  7. i heard that part of the morning routine in england is to go downstairs into a room with as many men as possible and have a gay sex orgy. and when men meet each other in public they introduce each other by making out. you english people are so fucking dumb and i hope the next time you eat a crumpet you get hit by a meteor.

  8. Even 66 we never cheated, the linesman made a mistake with Hursts goal i know, but at the end of the day it was 4-2, if that not have been counted it be 3-2. That’s football, no one can change that, but it’s not cheating. Linesman make mistakes, just like the linesman made a mistake against Germany, Germany didn’t cheat at all, just a mistake. It’s football.

  9. How did we cheat exactly?, we beat some of the world best teams in there, we deserved it like no other, unlike Argentina who cheated against us to get victory, such as the Hand of god. But no, no one complaines about them. They dont nothing but winge and moan on that match because tehy were getting beat, finally got a goal and were still moaning.

  10. @ninjagaidenz Shame you can’t spell and England wouldn’t have won if they hadn’t cheated. 

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