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7 thoughts on “IRAN vs. Portugal II World Cup 2006; Major Nourhaghighi۲ ایران در نبرد با پرتغال

  1. im swedish and im speak persian, i liek swedish football team i like spansih football team i like såansih fotoball team i liek greece fotball team and iran

  2. Watch FULL game of IRAN vs Mexico at Youtube.com IRAN621 ans SAY “CANADA SUCKS” for obstructing and discouraging FOOTBALL in CANADA

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  3. سرگرد نورحقیقی: مسابقه کامل فوتبال بین ایران و مکزیک
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    You can watch the full game between Iran vs, Mexico in this Channel Iranian are firends with mexican

    Usted puede ver el juego completo entre Irán vs, México, en este canal iraní son amigos mexicanos
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    Youtube channel IRAN621

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