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24 thoughts on “Bosnia Herzegovina 0-0 Portugal ★ HIGHLIGHTS ★ (Euro 2012 – Qualif.)

  1. Guys bosnia is bosnia poor country without national id completly destroyed in war

  2. What did the grounds keeper quit 2 weeks before the NO wonder this game was 0-0 the pitch looks like it was ravaged buy a flood trampled buy elephants torched and hippies hosted a Woodstock on it beforehand it obviously fucked up both teams bad because the next result in lisboa would speak for itself

  3. Can you please stop talking about Ibra? You can’t compare him to Ronaldo so shut up

  4. AHAHAHAHHAHA go fuck yourself dude, that war is shit! nobody cares about that stupid war. YOUR MOM 🙂

  5. ahahahahahhaha no more arguments xD what a child u r 🙂 …suck your cock? Ask your mom, she is pro at that 😉

  6. suck my cock,Portugay hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa PORTUGAY RETARDhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahPORTUGAY RETARDahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah PORTUGAY RETARD HAHAHAHA OMG,WHAT A MORRON !

  7. Than stop commentig me first you fucking cunt !!! God,i would fucking kill you you shit,if I can find you,you little baby !!! And for that what you said about the war,I would pull off your head….you retard

  8. ? r u retarded dude?i dont fucking care about that! Gezzus, what a idiot….

  9. Listen,kid,if u understand,but I doubt ! You need to know that players from the Balkans are incredibly strong and talented for football ! VIDIĆ-Serbia-Captain of Manchester United,CAPTAIN!! IVANOVIĆ-SERBIA-Chelsea Defender,DŽEKO-BOSNIA-Man.City Striker,MODRIĆ-CROATIA-Tottenham creator(Chelsea offers 50 million $ for him),KOLAROV-SERBIA-Man.City,PJANIĆ(so young 1990 born)-BOSNIA-“New Juninho”-Lyon,now in A.S. Roma,STANKOVIĆ-SERBIA-Inter,OLIĆ-CROATIA-Bayern striker,IBRA-BOSNIA…!

  10. LOL, fuck u, i dont fucking car about your shitty war. bosnia is shit, that the reason why ibra went to sweden, not cuz your stupid war. so fuck u .l.

  11. Respond to this video… Portugay, just listen!!! Ibra had much better conditions in Sweden than in Bosnia, where the war is raging ! He wanted to move back in Bosnia in the 1990s but the war began,so he stayed in Sweden ! I just want you to know this….Swedes will never have fantastic a player who is a real Sweden,only if in Sweden came refugees from other countries like Ibra !!!


  13. funny thing! you finished school, im in school yet and i u r more stupid than me….funny…funny 😉 xD

  14. I finished with school,you looser ! I bet you are still in junior high hahaha

  15. i forgot, im fucking right. you arent very smart dude. u said that “…If he played for his real country…” he´s real country is sweden cuz he was born there, i didnt said that he wasnt bosnian i only said that sweden was hes REAL COUNTRY, …jackass xD

  16. LOL, fuck u dude xD i dont fucking care! RONALDO IS A BEST and the best player of the world, PORTUGAL is one of the best teams of the world and u and bosnia r shit! S-H-I-T

  17. Dude,are u really so stupid ! The place of birth doesn’t change anything….His father is still a Brazilian,right? Mario Balotelli plays for Italy,but is he a real Italian? He is black,a guy from Africa,Ghana ! He can never feel like an Italian,just plays for them ! See,I was born in Germany,because of the fucking bloody war in my Bosnia and Herzegovina ! Does it mean that I’m a fucking German now ?!!! Understand that,once for all,Ibra is Bosnian,just plays for Swedish cunts !!!

  18. Oh my God ! Are u serious,or are u realy such an stupid fuck ?!!!! I was born in Germany,because of the fucking bloody war in my Bosnia and Herzegovina !!!! Does it mean that I’m a fucking German now ?!!! He was just born there,his father and mother are from Bosnia… I now his father,Šefik Ibrahimović,a Bosnian folk singer !!!….Pepe,Bruno,Nani… the most important players for your country are not real Portugese hahahahaa what a tragedy ! at least we have just real Bosnians!

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH ibra is not bosnia u jackass, he´s sweden. He was born in Malmo, Sweden you morron.LOL and even if ibra was bonian you would had lost anyway cuz thats shit compared to PORTUGAL. And RONALDO…he´s a beast, he´s better than ibra and better than the whole your shitty bosnia. so FUCK U XD

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